Trekking Mount Hallasan in South Korea

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I trekked to the top of Mount Hallesan on Jeju Island in South Korea today

From all the treks I have ever done, this trail is remarkable well kept, and I dare anyone to get lost. The trail is clearly marked every apx. 500 meters and it really does not make much difference, because it just goes up, it should be impossible to get lost. I trekked up using the Seongpanak trail and down the Gwaneumsa trail.

The Seongpanak trail is a little longer, but less steep, and I started my trek at 05:50 and reached the top at 8:45 including. a 10 min break for a change of clothes and some food.

It was very bad weather, and raining almost the whole day, and really bad at the top with high wind gusts, but even in rain the trail is good, mostly made up of planks and small rocks and not muddy anywhere on the trail.

Mount Hallasan is a 1950 meters high vulcano that is not active and it occupy most of the island of Jeju and is the highest mountain in South Korea.


Trekking Mount Lamlam in Guam

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I trekked the highest mountain in Guam, and according to how you measure a mountain this could be considered the highest in the world, because the foot of the mountain starts deep in the Mariana Trench, but only 406 of the 11330 meters is above sealevel. But it is a good trek no matter how you want to measure it and next to Lamlam is Mount Jumullong Manglo where for many years the local people have celebrated easter and carried crosses to the top.

Guam is also the most western part of the USA, and there is both a big navy and airforce base in Guam.


Trekking Mount Pelée on Martinique in the Caribbean

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I was on Martinique before going to French Guiana and decided to do some trekking and see more of the island.

Maybe Martinique is best known for French girls and beaches ... but there is more on this island to try  ... it is quite rocky and very mountainous.

Mount Pelée is the highest peak on Martinique at 1397 meters and the 10. highest in the Caribbean, and that is where I decided to do some trekking

The roads to get there and the signs to find the path are quite good, and I recommend anyone who wants to see more of the mountain to try it. The trek itself is not so long, but just keeps going up, and remember it is okay to take breaks and to turn around if it gets too hard.

Walking down I saw the spider on the trail, that you can see in the photo albums, and I felt no urge to pick it up, but walked around it and did not look back


Climbed Mera Peak in Nepal (6461 meters)

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I climbed Mera Peak on a very cold morning in October 2006. From the time I finally bought this tour I only had 5 weeks to get all the needed gear and getting ready. I had no idea about the amount of time and the list of equipment nor did I know about the particular brands normally used for climbing and trekking mountains in Nepal.

We first spent 2 days in Kathmandu before flying to Lukla. From Lukla everything was on foot, there are no cars, busses etc. in Lukla.

Getting to the foot of the mountain took 10 grueling days of hard trekking through hell of mud, rain and rocks. It was hard, it was wet and it took a lot of sweating. Being in the mountains offered fantastic scenery and at the end it was good for acclimatization to higher altitudes.

We were 8 on this tour/expedtion and 2 persons had to stay at 5000 meters in Khare due to altitude sickness, but the rest of us continued to the top. Khare was our Base Camp, actually our tents were apx. 150 meters higher than Khare and from there we we went to Mera La at 5350 and on the last day we went to our high camp at 5805 meters.  It took us only 2 hours and 15 minutes to go from Mera La to high camp and from there, the same night we went for the summit.

We intentionally wanted to leave for the summit at 01:00 after midnight, but due to bad weather this was postponed to 03:00 (and thank God for that) becuase we did it in 3.5 hours, and came just in time to enjoy the sunrise together with us.

The best part of the tour was to see and experience the sunrise over the mountains as we were climbing the summit. When we were aproaching the top we could clearly see that the sun was illuminating the peaks around us. Due to the curvateur the highest points is hit by sunlight the first and it was beautiful to see the sunlight illuminating the highest mountains as we were still walking towards the top in the dark, and then slowly more and more of the mountain is hit by the sun.


We passed a canadian/brittish team on our way to the top and could enjoy the top, before descending to high camp and then all the way back to Khare which we reached at 14:30. On the way back to Lukla we faced hell of snow as we walked up and down mountains for one full day from 08:00 till 18:00 while it was snowing.