Climbing Mount Yasur, an active vulcano on Tanna - Vanuatu

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You can climb Mt. Yasur on Tanna Island in Vanuatu or you can drive around the vulcano almost to the top .......... I climbed the vulcano and had a fantastic experience doing it :)

Vanuatu is a small independent country in the Pacific Ocean between New Caledonia and Fiji.  I went to Vanuatu from Indonesia, and I did not know anything about this island country before arrival ....... the first thing I noticed, people were so friendly and smiling all the time when I was there.

Mt. Yasur is an active vulcano and according to the local guides it has been this way for many many years. They have scheduled day and night tours to go to the vulcano which is located in a remote area of Tanna.

Because it is very active and spewing lava and ashes into the air constantly, the outside of the vulcano is quite steep and nothing but ashes, making it very hard to climb up.

I wanted to see the vulcano both in day time and at night, so I went on a day tour and then I arranged to be picked up at night, this gave me plenty of time to climb up on the outside of the vulcano.

When the truck dropped me off at the foot of the vulcano one local guide told me to always keep an eye on the lava, and if I saw some lava come falling down towards me, then I had to move away quickly. As I turned around and looked up I saw a big rock come falling down towards me, and that made me very alert all the time.

I could not believe how hard it was to climb to the top, zig-zagging up the outside in sand and ashes, I had my backpack and my climbing helmet on and when I got to the top I could see into the middle of the vulcano. After a hard trek it is always fantastic to stand on the top and look out, enjoying the route you took and the scenary and view ...... especially when you have a clear sky and a jungle beneath you. AMAZING

Every time there was an explosion I could feel the whole moutain shaking, and I heard a deep deep rumble from inside the vulcano, and then it spewed lave and ashes into the air, an awesome and destructive spectable.

I was walking around the top and it is so phenomenal to see the difference - the inside is destruction and the outside is a lush tropical jungle.

I got to the the top in the afternoon, and I had to wait at the top for the night tour to come and pick me up and it gave me a lot of hours alone at the top of the vulcano.

Late at night - to everybodys surprice - I walked down on the inside of the vulcano, the heat was so intense and the air was full of sulfur and ashes, and it burnt my throat so bad that I could only withstand it for a few minutes, but I did get a video clip much closer .........

Everybody was in awe and the local guides had never seen or heard of anybody ever doing that, but the whole day when I was watching the vulcano I did get a an idea where the lava landed ............. at least most of the times

I would not recommend anyone doing the same, but I would recommend everyone to go to Tanna and see the Vulcano