Climbing Mount Fito on Samoa .... an amazing jungle trip :-)

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On saturday I went for a trip to climb Mount Fito - and I ended getting a trek that i will remember forever

Organizing this trek was difficult because this mountain is in a dense jungle with no paths and treks to follow, so I had to find and organize guides and access myself.

The plan was to walk through the jungle from Cross Island Road to the top of Mount Fito, and then back the same way.

We felt pretty strong when we got to the top of Mount Fito at 11:50 and the time was perfect, so the leading guide - who did not speak any English, but had been there one time before - decided that we had
time to traverse and trek through the rest of the jungle.

We dit not pause, but fought our way through the jungle with bush knives (machettes). It was extremely hard, and we ran out of water at 13.00, and we still had 5 hours more before we were out of the jungle.

It is dark as h... in the jungle when the sun is down, and we came out of it 15 minutes before sunset.

I hurt my head, knees, legs, arms, and feet on this trek, and when i got out of the jungle, the other guide and me just laying in the grass drinking liters of water.

When there are no existing treks fo follow in the jungle you will trip over all the wines/roots/trees etc. and when you get tired it is difficult to remember to lift your foot every time you take a step.

But when I got back to the hotel that same night, I felt great