Climbing Elbrus from the North side .... BOTH the East and West summit :-)

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Today I climbed BOTH summits of Elbrus from the north side, starting at camp 2 at 3740 meters at 01:01 in the morning :) First 1900 meters up to the East summit, and then down apx 400 meters and up again to the West summit From the West summit we traversed back down to the North side and then down to camp 2. We had a lot of deep new snow and had to break a new trail. It was a really long summit day, 16 hours and 48 minutes with crampons is very hard. Rewarding, but hard. We had good weather with us, but due to heavy snowfall the day before we had to break new trail going up. I started with my guide, but we were soon a group of different tours, 9 people in total. The North side is climbed mostly by Russian climbers, and I was the only non-Russian in the group.