Mig 29 flight in Moscow

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Mig 29 Flight over Moscow in April 2005 ........ when I booked this flight I was not sure what to expect, I knew this plane was a fighter, but all I wanted was to get as high as possible.

When I went to Moscow, to do this flight, I stayed at a really bad old communistic hotel. However the location next to The Kremlin was fantastic. They told me to get a good nights sleep and a good breakfast, but that was a little difficult at this hotel.

Early in the morning the next day we went to Zhukovsky Air Base - and when we arrived I got introduced to my pilot - Alex.

Alex explained to me that because the Mig 29 was build as a fighter, and thus not build to go to the edge of space, we had to "prepare" the plane by doing "something" in 12000 meters before we could make the final climb to over 20000 meters.

Alex seemed very competent and I had no fear nor anxiety ....... I was just looking forward to the experience.

Since I was the only one flying that day - at all - all the personnel, incl. assistants, ground personnel, the pilot and the mechanics to prepare the plane were there just to support my flight.

After briefing we both had to wear a G suit - and I got two Russian assistants to help me get into the suit and find the gear, mask and helmet etc. needed, and then we drove from the main building to the plane.

This plane is a fighter, and not a leather cabin with free drinks and nice stewardesses, but the seats are electric and felt very comfortable, and after I was seated Alex told me a few things :
  1. to look at the instruments so I can follow the altitude and speed,
  2. to keep my feet on the pedals,
  3. if I need pure oxygen push the blue switch,
  4. and how to communicate with him during the flight

At app. 12.000 meter - still going up - I experienced something totally wicked. My arm rested on my leg, but suddenly it got this 'sleepy-feeling'. I bented my arm and tightened my fist to check if everuthing was ok. It felt fine, but when I wanted to put my arm down it just stayed in the air. Because of some maneuers I had become weightless - without knowing. I had not been prepared for this to happen, and it felt so unexplainable strange.

This is something you have to try for yourself.

The view was amazing and to see with my own eyes that the Earth is round - was absolutely fantastic. When you look up and out into space the sky is pitch black and when you look to the horizon you can see the different colors in the atmosphere around the Earth ....... there are so many impressions, you just have to try it

Another thing I noticed is that the sun looks just like a white diner plate, it is difficult to explain, but it looks different when the background is black.

Please look at this video - it is very large, (it is better to view it using VLC Player form videolan.org)  Video from Mig 29 Flight

Going down Alex asked me to take control of the plane ...... very cool, it was so different, once I tried to fly a Cessna, but the Mig rocks  I just trid to fly a little bit, the experience was overwhelming ........ one thing I tried was to push the stick as fast as I could forward to descent as fast/steep as possible ........ but I realized after my intestines went from my stomach to my lungs, that I needed to pull it back a little bit

When we got back down again I could see that the gas meter was in the red, and we only had enough gas to make a few maneuvers before we would be forced to land.