Trekking Mount Pelée on Martinique in the Caribbean

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I was on Martinique before going to French Guiana and decided to do some trekking and see more of the island.

Maybe Martinique is best known for French girls and beaches ... but there is more on this island to try  ... it is quite rocky and very mountainous.

Mount Pelée is the highest peak on Martinique at 1397 meters and the 10. highest in the Caribbean, and that is where I decided to do some trekking

The roads to get there and the signs to find the path are quite good, and I recommend anyone who wants to see more of the mountain to try it. The trek itself is not so long, but just keeps going up, and remember it is okay to take breaks and to turn around if it gets too hard.

Walking down I saw the spider on the trail, that you can see in the photo albums, and I felt no urge to pick it up, but walked around it and did not look back