Climbing Kosciuszko in Australia

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Today I made it to the top of Kosciuszko here in Australia I don't know anyone who climbed it during the winter and it looks nothing like the pictures "the crazy Scotsman" showed me last week. No girls in bikini here now But a lot of snow and ice ...... And again I had to walk in a white-out situation, and only because of my GPS did i find the summit. The mess path to fallow in the summer was 90% covered in snow and ice, but at some place you could see the mess though the snow and it helped finding the way to the pass, and from there to the summit. The cairn at the top looked bizare, half covered in ice, and one side was completely covered by 40 cm ice from top to buttom. I started alone, but met a group from Slovakia that had no GPS and couldn't find the summit, but they followed me to the top. Windy and cold is what I remember from todays climb and we couldn't see anything from the summit.