I climbed Jade Mountain (Yushan) at 3952 meters

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I climbed Jade Mountain in Taiwan the 10. June 2013 and reached the summit at 12:15 .... see more pictures in the photo album.

There are a lot of mountains in Taiwan to climb, both in summer and winter. Jade mountain is the highest, but there are so many peaks around Jade Mountain in the Yushan Range and the trails are so pristine, and I cound them to be in very good condition, despite I met almost no people.

To prepare for the trek you have to get a permit, and they limit the amount of trekkers, so it is a good idea to get the permit before you leave home.

The trail is quite long, and doing it in one day will lead to sore feet, but most people who climb Jade Mountain start very early with a headlamp and then reach the top around noon.

The views are fantastic during the entire trek, with unspoiled nature and peaks all around the trek, the trail is easy to follow, if you pay attention to the signs.