Climbing mountains Dubai style :-)

Tags: Dubai Jabal Bil Ays Climbing SUV
This morning at 02:00 AM I arrived at my hotel in Dubai and went straight from hotel towards Jabal Bil Ays in a Cadillac Escalade with a driver of course

Jabal Bil Ays is the highest mountain in UAE and if you can find the way on the roads at night you should be able to drive up to apx. 1500 meters and just trek and stumble to the summit.

However, my driver knew how to put the pedal down, but his onboard GPS did not have show the roads and Google maps showed a route crossing the Oman border

And then all the weirdness started, I think it was 04:30 AM when we got to a border/military control that would only allow local people/farmers access, and my driver decided to take another route into Oman.

So around sunrise we went through the border with Oman, through immigration passport control, paid to exit UAE and paid for 10 day visa entry to Oman, and after getting even further from the mountain we returned to the same border crossing, more immigration, but this time no payments and went back to Dubai .... 8 hours later we ended up at Jumeirah beach where we started .... I have been in and out of contries and driving to mountains etc. but no summits in the bag