Trekking Mount Hallasan in South Korea

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I trekked to the top of Mount Hallesan on Jeju Island in South Korea today

From all the treks I have ever done, this trail is remarkable well kept, and I dare anyone to get lost. The trail is clearly marked every apx. 500 meters and it really does not make much difference, because it just goes up, it should be impossible to get lost. I trekked up using the Seongpanak trail and down the Gwaneumsa trail.

The Seongpanak trail is a little longer, but less steep, and I started my trek at 05:50 and reached the top at 8:45 including. a 10 min break for a change of clothes and some food.

It was very bad weather, and raining almost the whole day, and really bad at the top with high wind gusts, but even in rain the trail is good, mostly made up of planks and small rocks and not muddy anywhere on the trail.

Mount Hallasan is a 1950 meters high vulcano that is not active and it occupy most of the island of Jeju and is the highest mountain in South Korea.