Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan

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We have just come down from Mount Fuji. The mountain had a few suprises for us ! The trail was invisible, everything was covered in snow and ice and the visibility was so limited that sometimes we just walked straight up hoping to find some marks/sticks/rope indicating that we were on the right path. We did the climb alone with no guides, but took extra time and few chances. We had to break trail through deep snow for most of the way up, and the crampons and ice axein came in handy. Got to top of crater and back down in a single day despite its high altitude. Most people would take at least 2 days to climb mount fuji. At 3100 meters the white out was so bad we made the desision to turn around, but after 45 min. we got enough visibility to continue and we finally reached the top at 15.30 It  looked like nobody had been up there for a long time, as everthing was covered in snow and ice, and sometimes we were walking on rooftops of the small huts and houses. We cleared the ice off many signs and ropes, it was a tough but epic climb.