Mount Everest: Went to Camp 2 today, energy level is high

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Two of us, a Belgian guy and me, went to Camp 2 today at 6,400 meters altitude. A fantastic climb and our energy levels are high.

We were told by our expedition leaders to go to lower altitudes tomorrow to get more oxygen. Even if we feel great and energy level is high, we of course do as they say.


Mount Everest: Arrived at Camp 1 today

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Two of us arrived to Camp 1 today after a rough climb. We are fine and I hope to see more from my group of 15 arrive here tomorrow.

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Mount Everest: Arrived at basecamp now, weather is getting better

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I have now arrived to basecamp and everything looks good. Route to Camp 1 was opened yesterday after some delay because of the weather, our sherpas was at Camp 1 for the first time today.

If everything goes as planned, I will get to Camp 1 in 2 days. Weather is getting better also.

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1. Attempt on Everest - 2012 - April/May

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In April/May 2012 I had my first attempt on Everest, and in short I turned back due to prior illness on the way up and the extreme danger this year.

We had so many accidents and fatalities this season on Everest, due mostly to warm weather making climbing a lot more dangerous with constant rock fall on the trail and many avalanches. So when Russell Bride cancelled his entire expedition I followed and went back.

However I will return in 2013 for my next attempt, and since I have already had good experience on Khumbu Icefall I feel encouraged and positive as I now have even more experience