Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

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Diving in the Great Barrier Reef outside Cairns is absolutely the most fantastic and beautiful thing I have ever done.

I was working in Sydney and my boss was also there this time, and together we decided to do something in the weekend, I wanted to go to Ayers Rock and he wanted to go diving, so we went diving ....... (he was signing the expenses, so I gave in). And today I am glad that I did.

On Friday we flew up to Cairns and checked in at the hotel, and the next day, Saturday, we went out with a huge catamaran, and on the boat they had something called "discover scuba", the whole idea is that while you might not have a diving certificate you will be allowed to dive with an instructor. So we did. The catamaran was sailing really fast and for at least an hour until we came to the reef. We get off the catamaran and sail in to a little reef sand atoll, where we get the scuba gear on, and we slowly get used to breathing in the shallow water until we swim out.

The feeling of laying on the bottom of the sea and just observing these beautiful fish swimming just 10-20 cm. from your mask ....... fantastic, and I lack words. The water is more clear than normal tap water and the fish have more colors and patterns than kids in kindergarten could even dream of drawing.

I saw a huge sea turtle, it must have been 1 meter long swimming gracefully by me, and instinctively I just followed it ......... I didn't try to touch it or anything, I just wanted to see it. But my diving instructor stopped me.

The following day we went white water rafting in the forest/jungle and then later that Sunday evening we flew back to Sydney to continue working.

I don't have any pictures from the actual dive, but I will add pictures from my visits to Australia later.